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VEPR Safety leverSAIGA SAFETY LEVERKrebs Custom Mk VII Ambi Enhanced SafetyKrebs Custom Mk VI Safety for Machined/Milled Receiver Rifles
Item No: AKVSL
Price: $10.00
Item No: AKSSL
Price: $10.00
Item No: AKM7
Price: $55.00
Item No: AKM6M
Price: $49.00
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Krebs Custom Mk VI for Saiga RiflesKrebs Custom Mk VI Enhanced Safety for Stamped RiflesKrebs Custom "Full Auto" Enhanced Safety for Saiga riflesKrebs Custom "Full Auto" Enhanced Safety
Item No: AKM6S
Price: $49.00
Item No: AKM6
Price: $49.00
Item No: AKM6F/A/S
Price: $49.00
Item No: AKM6F
Price: $49.00
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Enhanced safety tabAK Bulgarian Safety Lever   
Item No: AKTAB
Price: $25.00
Item No: AKBSL
Price: $10.00
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MK VI and MK VI-S Safeties:  Selecting the Proper Safety for Your Rifle

The simplest and easiest way to determine which safety is appropriate for your rifle is to LOOK AT THE SAFETY CURRENTLY ON YOUR RIFLE.  If the tension detent is at the TIP of your safety, you'll want to use the Mk VI-S Safety.  If the tension detent is a short way BACK from the tip, you'll want to use the "standard" Mk VI Safety.
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