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The Krebs Custom Interchangeable Muzzle System offers the user the option of quickly changing their rifle muzzle device from an open 4-prong flash suppressor, to a very effective “A2-style” compensator, or a titanium muzzle brake, or a Liberty sound suppressor.

 In light of the close tolerances required and the pressures involved (especially with a sound suppressor), Krebs Custom STRONGLY recommends that any customer intending to mount a sound suppressor on our IMS “base” unit should have this “base” unit installed by a company that can insure proper mounting, and concentricity with the bore of their rifle.

 At this time, we are very pleased to recommend 2 US companies that can perform this type of work: CWGunwerks of Miami, FL (,, 786-478-6565)  and M13 Industries, LLC of Las Vegas, NV (www.m13,, 702-420-8708.

 We are currently looking for additional qualified companies across the US that can perform such work in a correct fashion so that we can offer our customers alternatives that will be faster, easier, and more convenient.


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