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Ref No.: SPECIAL #6Customize
Price: $2000.00

This rifle was the “proof of concept” for the KV series of rifles.  Built on a “integrated sight “ model  VEPR, it has a permanent Krebs Custom 4-prong flash suppressor, “SAW”-style pistol grip, Arsenal trigger parts (modified to Krebs Custom standards for a smooth, single-stage trigger), Krebs Custom buttstock adapter, KrebsCote finish, Ace folding stock unit, mil-spec buttstock tube, and VLTOR buttstock.

Calibre: 7.62x39 

Barrel Length: 16.125”

Overall Length: 33.25” / 36.75”

Weight: 7.5 lbs.

Krebs Custom
1000 Rand Road, Unit 106 Wauconda, IL  60084
Ph:   847.487.7776
Fax:  847.487.7778

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