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Krebs Custom AK Rear Sight Rail System
Price: $310.00
The Krebs Custom Kalashnikov Rear Sight Rail (KRSR) System offers a quantum leap forward in versatility, accuracy and human factors engineering for users of Kalashnikov system rifles and light support weapons.

The KRSR mounts securely - and more importantly, repeatably - to the firearm's rear sight base and rear trunnion.  Offering a 7.5" MIL-STD 1913 rail interface and a windage adjustable M16A2 aperture rear sight, the KRSR marries legendary AK reliability with 21st century ergonomics and adaptability.

No permanent modifications are necessary - the KRSR comes with all necessary hardware, and is a one for one replacement of the stock rear sight leaf.  The locking mechanism does not attach to the rear trunnion, but rather to the buttstock tang, using the original tang screw.

The rail section is machined from 7075 aluminum while the rear locking mechanism is carbon steel.  

Note:  The KRSR does not support the following Kalashnikov variations: Yugoslavian rifles, Chinese rifles, machined receiver rifles, or any rifle with a folding stock or lacking a buttstock tang.

This part is designed to attach to the rear sight support (in front), and the tang of the rifle (in back).  It's made of 7075 aluminum, anodized black, and has provisions for both windage and elevation adjustment.  It's also designed to accommodate regular disassembly of an AK rifle.   It provides the user with a 1913 rail over the receiver cover on a standard-pattern AK, with AR sights at the back of the receiver (providing an approximately 60% greater sight radius).  Not for Yugoslavian or milled receiver rifles.  Not for use with Yugoslavian, Chinese or milled receiver rifles.

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