What is a Class 3 / NFA firearm?

Firearms that fall under the jurisdiction of the National Firearms Act of 1934 are such items as: fully-automatic firearms (machine guns, sub-machine guns, or their receivers), rifles with barrels less than 16” long, shotguns with barrels less than 18” long, suppressors (silencers), or “destructive devices” (grenades, bombs, or certain listed firearms).

The Firearms Owners Protection Act, signed by President Ronald Reagan in May of 1986 brought into law the issue that NO fully-automatic firearms registered after May of 1986 could ever be transferred to an individual citizen – they could only be transferred to a Class 3 dealer, and then only as a “sales sample”.

This executive order led to two “categories” of fully-automatic firearms: “transferrables” (those pre-May 1986 firearms that CAN be transferred to individual citizens), and “dealer-only samples” (those POST-May 1986 firearms that CANNOT be transferred to individual citizens).

How do I purchaser a “transferrable” NFA firearms from Krebs Custom?

First, you purchase the firearm from us. We then fill out a Federal form to apply to transfer the firearm to a Class 3 dealer in your area. This approval usually takes 6-12 weeks. Once we receive this approval, the firearm is sent to your dealer. Your dealer AND YOU then fill out an application to transfer the firearm to you. This application (along with the $200 transfer fee) is sent to ATF for processing. This approval usually takes another 6-12 weeks. Once the transfer is approved, you can take possession of the firearm.