setting the standard

What sets a Krebs Custom rifle or accessory apart from other manufacturers’ rifles & accessories?

  • All of the models we produce start out with high-quality “base” rifles.
  • All muzzles are trimmed, trued, and crowned ON A LATHE.
  • All rifles are laser bore-sighted, and both the front and rear sights are adjusted for a straight, true, and centered sight picture.
  • All trigger parts – regardless of their origin – are machined & polished to OUR specifications.  The hammer sears are radially cut and all trigger parts are precision surface-ground.
  • All bolt faces are polished, enhancing the reliability of a system already known for reliability.
  • All external corners of the rifle are “broken” to eliminate any sharp corners or edges, providing a snag-free surface.
  • All receivers are industrially tumbled to eliminate any internal burrs or rough edges.
  • All rifles are finished with our locally-made, flat black, baked-on, synthetic-alkyd finish, making them rustproof and impervious to solvents normally used in cleaning.

In short, a LOT of careful hand-work goes into the manufacture of every Krebs Custom rifle & accessory.